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  1. Cearadactylus is a genus of large Early Cretaceous (Albian) pterosaurs from South casworkssererpresfi.besduziplookstitcotomecomdaykabgu.infoinfo only known species is Cearadactylus atrox, described and named in by Giuseppe Leonardi and Guido casworkssererpresfi.besduziplookstitcotomecomdaykabgu.infoinfo name refers to the Brazilian state CearĂ¡ and combines this with Greek daktylos, "finger", a reference to the wing finger of pterosaurs.
  2. Gallery Cearadactylus (Ice Age)/gallery See Also Cearadactylus, Cearadactylus (disambiguation).
  3. Cearadactylus was a pterosaur, a type of flying reptile. It was not a dinosaur, though it lived during the same period. Cearadactylus lived during the Early Cretaceous and resided in South America. The first Cearadactylus fossil was discovered in
  4. Cearadactylus atrox (meaning "Ceara's lethal finger") was a large, mid- Cretaceous (Aptian) pterosaur. Its wingspan is estimated to have been around 4 to metres (13 to 18 feet), with a Class: Sauropsida.
  5. Name the dinosaur group that the Cearadactylus is part of Remember why construction on the Pteratops Lodge is delayed Recall the cearadactyls' reaction when Dr. Grant and his kids enter the aviary.
  6. The pterodactyl is a member of the pterosaur group When writing Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton chose to include one of the lesser-known species of pterosaurs. He wrote about the species.
  7. Cearadactylus is an extinct genus of large, Early Cretaceous pterosaur from South America. The type species is Cearadactylus atrox, described and named in .
  8. Cearadactylus atrox formerly: SMNK PAL and CB-PV-F-O93, now: UFRJ MN V (Leonardi and Borgomanero ) Cenomanian, Early Cretaceous, ~90 mya, ~57 cm skull length is known from a skull with an unusual history. Originally it was put together with the premaxilla and anterior dentary switched. Derived from a sister to Brasileodactylus and Ludodactylus, Cearadactylus phylogenetically.

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